Assistant l, Purchasing/Tool Crib

At Panasonic since March 1993

I was born, raised and graduated college in Tokyo, Japan.  After graduation, I decided to move to the United States and began studying at the University of Colorado.  I enjoyed my time in Boulder very much, especially skiing during the winter and visiting all the beautiful places while hiking during the summer.

In my spare time, I love to garden and enjoy teaching floral design at Columbus State University and some of high schools through my community.

I joined the Panasonic team in March of 1993 in the Storage Battery Division as a Manufacturing Assistant. One of my main tasks included keeping records of production inventory.  In 2000, a change in my position moved me to the Lithium Division as a Tool Crib Attendance/Assistant Purchasing.  With this new position, my tasks changed to ordering machinery parts and keeping track of all the parts used in the Tool Crib.  This year I will celebrate working at Panasonic for 25 years.

My position at Panasonic has many responsibilities that require keeping a close track on all parts needed for production in the Tool Crib.  This is a critical role, because any deviation from needed materials could have a negative effect on production and delay manufacturing times.  I also must be able to think and react quickly for when tool crib machines need repairs quickly.  At times my work can be challenging, but there is also a profound sense of pride I get from knowing so many people depend on me and what I’m doing here at Panasonic.