Panasonic Handsfree LED Necklight (Black)
Part# BF-AF10B-K/A

Handsfree LED light, everywhere life takes you!
The Panasonic Handsfree LED Neck Light allows you to conveniently shine light where you need it most. Its stylish, compact design makes it easy to use and perfect for any situation requiring light. More convenient than ordinary flashlights, the LED Neck Light from Panasonic allows you to shine light by simply placing the unit around your neck, leaving your hands completely free.

It’s perfect for long walks at night, camping, grilling, reading, walking the dog, working in the garage, trick-or treating, heavy weather emergency and earthquake kits, and hundreds of other uses. The Panasonic LED Neck Light is extremely light weight and flexible. It weighs only 1.41 oz. and can easily be stored in a pocket or purse.

  • Handsfree design provides bright 13 lumens LED light
  • Powerful Panasonic Lithium-Ion battery technology delivers up to 15 hours of continuous light
  • Water resistant design allows safe use in bad weather – Rated at IPX1
  • 45 degree, wide angle beam places light where you need it most
  • Stylish neck-mounted design comes in three attractive colors;
    • Sporty Orange
    • Designer Pink
    • Hard Core Black
  • Light runs on easy to replace Lithium-Ion (CR2032) batteries

A Powerful Handsfree Light Source

Look, no hands! With the Handsfree LED Neck Light from Panasonic you no longer need to struggle to hold a flashlight while using both hands on a project. The LED Neck Light from Panasonic is specially design with a 45° lighting angle which perfectly aims light in front of the user from a standing or a sitting position.

Single Button Control

The Panasonic LED Neck Light is extremely easy to use with single on/off button operation.

Water Resistant

The Hands Free Neck Light is perfect even in bad weather. It is rated IPX1 which means it can withstand most storms and inclement weather. The unit works well in the elements which make it great for camping, fishing, and most outdoor activities that require additional light.

Compact Quick Lock Design

The Panasonic LED Neck Light is easy to use. Simply place the unit around your neck and insert one end of the “quick lock” attachment system into the other end. This secures the unit in place making it quick and easy to use. The unit folds down into a small, compact space making it easy to store in your pocket; ready to go the next time you need it.

Battery Replacement

The two CR2032 batteries that come with the unit deliver 15 continuous hours of brilliant light. In the event that the batteries run out of power they can be easily replaced by simply removing the light unit from the neck light device and inserting two new CR2032 batteries.