DECT Phone Rechargeable Batteries AAA 2-Pack
Part# HHR-4DPA/2B

These DECT AAA rechargeable batteries deliver up to 750mAh of power.*  They have been specially formulated to be paired with Panasonic DECT 6.0 and other cordless phone models.  They are available in 2, 4 and 8 pack configurations.

These rechargeable batteries are designed for use in Panasonic Cordless Phones including Series KXTG1000, KXTG4000, KXTG4100, KXTG4700, KXTG6300, KXTG6400, KXTG6500, (not including model KXTG6500), KXTG6600, KXTG7400, KXTG7500, KXTG7600, KXTG7700, KXTG8000, KXTG8200, KXTG9300, and KXTG9400.  Also includes models KXTG113, KXTG243, KXTG265, KXTG4311*, KXTG4312*, KXTG4313*, KXTG8412, KXTGA101,  KXTGA106, KXTGA402, KXTGA410, KXTGA631, KXTGA641, KXTGA642, KXTGA652, KXTGA653, KXTGA659, KXTGA660, KXTGA740, KXTGA750, KXTGA805, KXTGA820, KXTGA840, KXTGA930, KXTGA931, KXTGA936, KX-HN6000W, KX-HN6003W, KX-HN-6006SK, KX-HNH100W, and other phone models (* 5.8Ghz models, not DECT 6.0).

Battery Size AAA
Voltage up to 750mAh*
Protects Power 1.2v
Weight (approx. oz.) 0.71
Size (approx.) 0.41” x 1.75”
Country of Origin China

* Based on IEC 61951-2(7.3.2). Results may vary based on conditions of use.