Panasonic Alkaline Plus Power 9V 2-Pack
Part# 6AM-6PA/2B

Panasonic’s AA , AAA, C, and D size  Alkaline Plus Power batteries protect power for up to 10 years, and 9V up to 5 years, when unused and stored properly.* These battery cells are formulated to deliver dependable power performance for everyday household devices including toys, flashlights, wireless keyboards and mouse, remote controls, and many other devices.

Alkaline Plus Power batteries cells are engineered by Panasonic, a trusted industry leader in battery technology since 1931.  All of our batteries are manufactured in Panasonic factories worldwide. Alkaline Plus Power batteries are an affordable, reliable battery power choice for a wide variety of household devices.

Anti-Leak Protection

Alkaline Plus Power AA and AAA batteries utilize new zinc alloy, electrolytes, and special organic inhibitors which dramatically reduces gas build up generated within the cell. Panasonic has also developed a unique gasket material which has increased resistance to degradation. This new material and the highly specialized sealing method, when combined with new zinc alloy, electrolytes and organic inhibitors, dramatically reduces the possibility of electrolyte leakage.

Long Storage Life

Protect Power for up to 5 Years*
9V size batteries protect power for up to 5 years, when unused and stored properly.*

Battery Size AA AAA 9V C D
Voltage 1.5v 1.5v 9v 1.5v 1.5v
Protects Power Up to 10 years* Up to 10 years* Up to 5 years* Up to 10 years* Up to 10 years*
Weight (approx. oz.) .793 .388 1.66 2.24 4.83
Size (approx.) 0.57” x 1.99” 0.41” x 1.75” 1.04”x0.69”x1.91” 1.03” x 1.97” 1.35” x 2.42”
Country of Origin Brazil Thailand Malaysia Belgium Belgium

* Up to 10 years applies to AA, AAA, C, and  D size battery cells; Up to 5 Years applies to 9V batteries, when unused and stored properly.